How Would You Rewrite the Script of Your Life?

“You are never too old, never too bad, never too late, and never too sick to start from scratch once again.” Bikram Chodury

There is an expression that says “Youth is wasted on the young” and I know quite a few people who say those words often.

This quote is attributed to George Bernard Shaw who likely meant it to be paradoxical. People who are middle aged and older look at younger folk and think what a shame they do not know what they have in terms of energy and physicality.

But this happens to all of us. We all once had energy and enthusiasm in our younger years and did not know what we had either. As you grow older you learn to appreciate this and grow from wisdom.

Most if not all people who are young like in their late teens and 20’s do not know themselves. They do not even have any inkling of who they are or what they want. They are busy trying to figure it all out like everyone else did at that age.

The thing I find funny about all this is those same people who say this expression which is more of a complaint do not change their situation or circumstance.

This got me thinking if you could go back and start over in life what would you do differently if anything?

Everyone would do something differently. I guarantee it. Why? Because as we get older we change.

Change happens

Everything about us changes as we get older. Our hair, face, body, tastes, style. Change occurs all the time and nothing can stop it.

I can definitely say I am a completely different person now then I was 20 or so years ago. I do not think I would even recognize that person today. It is if he is a stranger in my life who I never met.

Why am I different now?

Because I learned a whole lot making mistakes and learned life lessons through trial and error. The kids I hung out with in the schoolyard in my younger days I would not even dare spend time with today.


Is it because they are bad people? No

We would not have anything in common and our habits are different. Our thinking and priorities are contrary to what they used to be.

Part of evolution

When you are growing up and reach college age and on into your 20’s people think they know everything and there is nothing you can tell them.

Trust me I was one of those people and did not want to listen to anyone.

If they think of an idea even if it is moronic and dumb the older person advises against doing it but the young buck thinks he knows all and does it anyway. Most if not all of the time the decision made was a poor one and they regret doing it in the first place.

BTW I think this happens more to males than it does females.

Right now the world is on the I hate millennials bandwagon and have no problem pointing out the negative stereotypes that come with this group.

I have news for you. When I was in my twenties the same kinds of things were said about us by the baby boomers. And when millennials grow older they will repeat the same pattern about the generation that follow them.


If given the chance to rewrite how your life went from the time you graduated high school what you would do differently?

Would you go to college?

Would you choose to work in a completely different field than you do now?

Would you choose a different mate to marry?

Would you read more?

Would you take more chances in life?

Would you ask that boy/girl out you had a secret crush on?

What would you do differently this time? If you say nothing you are a liar and I don ‘t believe you. You may not make many changes but everyone wants to change something about how they turned out.

No need for a rewrite

Good news. You do not need to wish for a rewrite by granting a wish to a magic genie or to build a time machine to correct what happened in the past.

You can rewrite your story right now.

If you always wanted to write a book go and do it.

If you always wanted to have a perfect marriage create one. If you are with the wrong person go find the right one.

If you never wanted to become overweight and unhealthy stop the bad behaviors that caused this to happen in the first place and start with good ones.

If you are unhappy in your chosen profession go learn a new one.

Let the past be the past my friend.

We all only get one life and it is up to you to choose how you live it.

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